“I have been seeing Lara for over 3 years now. When I first started seeing her I was newly diagnosed with a rare form of colitis. She was the positive force I needed, as she said “ I can help with that” and “You will get better.” While I was also under western traditional medical care Lara listened to me every week and gave me and my body the additional support I needed. So Lara did help with that and I did get better.

I have continued to see her to maintain my health and also because she is a comforting soul whose knowledge is invaluable for a healthy body. At 66, I sometimes have additional aches and pains and concerns with which Lara is able to help.

Lara is a good listener and applies that to one’s individual well being. Since I really can’t say enough glowing positive words about Lara, I will stop here with the recommendation that she is the real deal and if that’s what you are seeking look no further.”
Valerie Schiffer-Danoff 

“I can’t begin to tell you the difference that Lara has made in my life!  After seeing a physician, taking multiple medications and being told I was going to have to live with the symptoms of interstitial cystitis, I decided it was time for a different approach.  Lara, through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, was able to make a remarkable difference within 10 days, and at 2 weeks I was off traditional medications.  About a month ago an old problem flared up: severe joint pain.  I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk without limping.  Within 2-3 visits Lara was able to reduce the pain so dramatically that I am now practically pain-free and feeling amazing!”
~Daina Riley

“As an athlete, I often push my body’s limits. Lara has helped my body recover from injury and reach its potential. She also has helped me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally refocus and rejuvenate. Thanks to her acupuncture, herbal recommendations, and compassionate healing, I have become a better athlete and a healthier human being.”
~Will Harlan, competitive trail runner and five-time champion of the Mount Mitchell Challenge

“I felt like I was actually being listened to when I talked with Lara about my pain and the related struggles. I felt that she was paying attention to the many parts of the whole that is “me”.  I am now happy to say, that I am going into my sixth month of monthly acupuncture visits and daily herbal regimen and it is the only thing that has ever helped me manage my pain and heal my condition.” ~Court McCracken, Artist, Author, Teacher

“After an appointment with Lara I feel like I’ve been nourished, and in a very simple way, restored back to myself. Thank you Lara, for your kind and caring way.”
Karmal Spaeth

“I had severe, almost debilitating, pain with plantar fasciitis, and Lara was able to cure it using acupuncture. I must admit I was amazed at the speed and effectiveness of the treatment, and I have had no recurrence. She was also able to resolve a chronic knee injury through acupuncture. I am now able to walk and even hike pain free. What a wonderful gift! I have been impressed with Lara’s diagnostic ability and her competence and caring.”
Marialice Wilson

“After wrenching my upper back, Lara’s treatment helped to sooth the tightness and soreness. Actually, with any of my complaints, Lara’s treatment is able to heal and mend as needed.”
Andra Cagle

“When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013, it was a wake-up call to take a complete mind/body/spirit look at my life, and work in all of those areas to heal. The first thing I did was to say NO to chemotherapy.  The second thing  I did is to seek out Lara to help me re-establish balance and harmony in my body and in my life. The depth and breadth of her knowledge are amazing. A large part of my healing journey was acupuncture with Lara, her wonderful qigong classes, and more recently, using powerful herbal support under her expert guidance. And oh, by the way, I am now cancer-free!
~ Julie Savage Parker,
Author, The Vocabulary of Joy ~ Celebrating the Blessings of Life with Cancer