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Welcome to Lutea Acupuncture & Herbs

Lutea is the species name of the lotus, a sacred plant in Chinese herbal medicine and the inspiration for our desire to share the healing practice of Chinese medicine with you.

Partnering with the physicians and located at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, Lara Ferguson Diaz, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M. (NCCAOM) and Dr. Maegan Emily Davis, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M. (NCCAOM) provide gentle and effective acupuncture for all ages. We also offer herbal medicine, qigong and yoga classes online and in person, food therapy, laser therapy, electro acupuncture, gua sha and cupping.

All of our services are tailored for each patient and their individual needs. We also have an in-house herbal pharmacy of over 300 single Chinese herb granules. We create high-quality formulas tailored for each individual patient in the form of capsule formulas, salves and tinctures.

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Acupuncture is an ancient practice of internal medicine originating over 5,000 years ago in China. Modern acupuncture fuses the best of classical teachings with current technologies proven to heal and align the body. This creates optimal, balanced health in a variety of ways. Chinese Medicine has been proven effective for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Herbal Medicine

We are honored to house a granule pharmacy of over 300 of the highest quality Chinese herb singles in granule form to create individual formulas for each patient’s specific needs. We also carry lines of herbal formulas in capsule form in addition to tinctures and salves.


Qigong is an ancient internal martial art; a set of slow, mindful movements to balance the body’s vital life force. It can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical wellbeing by integrating posture, movement, breathing techniques, self-massage, sound and focused intent for significant health benefits.


Providing Traditional Chinese Medicine for Your Highest Healing

At Lutea, our mission is to balance and heal the whole person. We do this holistically so that it does not involve toxic pharmaceuticals, but rather gentle healing techniques and a preventative approach.

What People Are Saying

  • Working with Lara has made such a difference in my life! My hormones are more level and my bladder is stronger. I feel calmer and better able to manage stress. She has even helped to heal knee and hip pain. She has also connected me with herbal supplements that are supporting my overall health. So grateful.
    — Lori P
  • Wonderful! I had a very positive and comforting visit with Lara. She is kind and knowledgeable and I felt true compassion in her presence. I felt improvement in my condition in one visit and I look forward to making more progress in subsequent visits. Highly recommend!
    — Juli H
  • Lara is patient, kind, thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. She is the best acupuncturist I have ever seen and quite frankly, is just lovely to be around!
    — Kristina V
  • I have been seeing Lara for over 3 years now. When I first started seeing her I was newly diagnosed with a rare form of colitis. She was the positive force I needed, as she said “ I can help with that” and “You will get better.” She listened to me and gave me the additional support I needed. I have continued to see her to maintain my health and because she is a comforting soul whose knowledge is invaluable for a healthy body. Since I really can’t say enough glowing positive words about Lara, I will stop here with the recommendation that she is the real deal and if that’s what you are seeking look no further.
    — Valerie Schiffer-Danoff
  • This was my first acupuncture experience and Lara has me converted! On top of her genuinely nice demeanor, she knows what she’s doing! always feel better after seeing her.
    — Beverly R.

The Power of Herbal Medicine

You can trust the superior quality of our herbs and our combined 20+ years of practice in herbal knowledge to support your health.

Invest in the Future of Your Health

We’re so excited to learn more about you and partner with you on your journey towards sustainable health and long-lasting vitality.