Additional Chinese Medicine Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

In addition to our primary series, we also offer a variety of other healing modalities that can support you on your journey toward total alignment and health. Read more about what we have to offer below.

Qi Healing

For the last seven years, Lara has provided hands-on and distance Qi Healing, an extension of Qigong meditation applied to another’s energy field.  The body has twelve primary meridians through which Qi, or vital energy, flows. Through touch and using the power of cultivated intention, the practitioner can balance the Qi in each meridian, bringing the energetic body back into balance.  Qi healing is available to patients in the treatment room and remotely.

Food Therapy

Chinese Food Therapy exists to heal and nourish the body through food. It can help correct imbalances in the body and naturally bring it to a state of harmony and healing. The basic principle is that everything in our world consists of yin and yang and that imbalances in our bodies are caused by an imbalance between these two opposing forces. By selecting foods that are either more yin or more yang, we can help our body restore its balance. TCM food therapy is tailored to each individual to optimal health.

Laser Therapy

Our 450 nm Blue Laser Therapy is a hand-held laser that treats skin issues including acne, wrinkles and growths.  Also helpful for injuries, scar tissue, and acute and chronic pain.  The blue laser has the ability to hold and activate information, altering and healing tissues at the cellular level.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a Chinese Medicine technique that consists of gentle scraping of the oiled skin with a stone or porcelain tool to help encourage circulation and remove stagnation in a particular area.  Gua Sha helps with regulating body temperature, tight neck and shoulders, fevers, cold, flu and nervous tension.


Cupping, simply put, is a Chinese healing technique that is akin to receiving one of the deepest massages you’ve ever had in less than ten minutes. It improves circulation which, in turn, can alleviate pain and treat many underlying health issues. This includes generalized pain, back, shoulder and neck injuries, herniated discs, disc degeneration, arthritis, asthma, colds and flus, obesity, insomnia and much more. 

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