Move Your Body Back into Alignment with Yoga

Yoga is a diverse series of practices that include philosophy, meditation, physical postures and breathing. Originating in India thousands of years ago, Yoga has long been practiced with the intention of uniting the human spirit with the divine spirit and ultimately achieving a state of pure awareness. Having a regular yoga practice has a vast amount of long term benefits mentally, physically and spiritually.

We Offer Private Yoga Sessions

Feeling cooped up? Keep moving and feel lighter in body and mind with private, live-streamed yoga, meditation, and pranayama via Zoom.

Why Practice Yoga?

  • Mental and emotional stability
  • Clarity and calmness
  • Sharpened concentration and memory
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Better immunity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved sleep and digestion 
  • More self care and self acceptance

Online Yoga Classes Available Now

Maegan has been a registered yoga teacher (RYT) since 2012. She offers private instruction over zoom available in the booking section.