“Lara has a gently confident approach that is very whole-body focused. I have seen numerous acupuncturists and she is my favorite–from her gentle touch with needles to advice on food, extensive knowledge of herbal remedies, and her kind office demeanor.” ~ Cyn S

Welcome to Lutea Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.  Partnering with the physicians at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, I provide gentle and effective acupuncture for all ages.  I also provide herbal consultationqigong instruction,
Qi Healing, and dietary therapy tailored for each patient and their individual needs. As an herbalist I also create, blend and bottle superior- quality orginal tincture formulas and salves.  Lutea is the species name of a lotus, a sacred plant in Chinese Herbal Medicine and the inspiration for my desire to share my herbs with others. I prepare and bottle each formula by hand with an emphasis on effectiveness, quality, and safety. Embracing Chinese Medicine means side-stepping the sometimes toxic effects of pharmaceuticals.